Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dragon Land: Two Dragon Brothers # 2 Is Now Available!
I am pleased to announce that the print version of Dragon Land: Two Dragon Brothers # 2: Quest for Revenge, is now available on Amazon and CreateSpace. This is the second and final book in the Dragon Land: Two Dragon Brothers series. Here is its description:
Now that the Vampires are gone, the forest is at peace, Waveripple believes. The Amphibian dragon now has two younger sisters, who can grow up safe and free from worry.
Little does he know that one of the Vampires he helped to drive out, Whiteswirl, is out for revenge. He will stop at nothing to hunt down the five dragons who killed Redclaws, the Vampire who converted him while he was still in his egg.
But soon things become even more heated, as an entire clan of Vampires moves into the area, and a clan of Vampire hunters follows. Both clans begin to hunt each other down. The Vampires are eager to eliminate one of the only things that can threaten them, while the Vampire hunters are trying to exterminate the Vampires before the rest of the dragons in the forest are killed by them.
In case you missed out on the first Dragon Land: Two Dragon Brothers print book, its Amazon link is here.

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